The Galvanizing process occurs in a molten bath (about 850 degrees) and results in a physical bond between the zinc and iron and is sacrificial in nature. What this means for you, the fabricator, is that the zinc coating that results from galvanizing will corrode completely before underlying steel begins to corrode. The hot dip galvanizingtmp1F5-large process adds years of service time to your steel parts, and is much cheaper than painting or powder coating. We conform to all relevant ASTM specifications including A-153 and A-123, and will gladly provide certifications to that effect. We have the ability to tackle any job , large or small, and currently service multiple industries including the following listed below:

  • Recreational
  • Highway
  • Railroad
  • Chain
  • Agriculture
  • Fastners
  • Foundation
  • Stalization
  • Pipe & Tubing
  • Government
  • Power & Energy
  • Communication Towers
  • Warehouse/Distribution Centers
  • Miscellaneous Fabrication Shops