Bob Monnig Industries, Inc. was founded in 1960 on the basis of great customer service by a young, Glasgow entrepreneur, Robert “Bob” Monnig. In order to meet the high demands for steel preservation at that time; Bob created a galvanizing industrial plant in the small mid-Missouri town. Haven Cooling Towers started things off, becoming Monnig Industries first client. As time went by, and the galvanizing industry grew, more and more steel fabricators would bring their materials to be galvanized at Monnig Industries. After becoming Incorporated in 1986, Monnig Industries had established itself as the premier job-shop galvanizer in the Midwest. In 1986 a second kettle was added to the operation to further the production and galvanization process. Years later, mechanical galvanizing was added, followed by a third kettle to keep pace with the demand in 2006. Today, Bob Monnig Industries, Inc. consists of three kettles, mechanical galvanizing, and a skilled and dedicated work force to meet the needs and demands of customers all over the United States.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence

  • We are dedicated to giving the customers the best service and highest quality product that can be achieved by our industry.
  • We offer Continuous Quality Improvement that is never ending.
  • We make a conscious effort to meet every customers specifications in galvanizing, delivery, and costs.

Environmental Policies

  • We conform to all applicable environmental regulations as required by federal, state and local agencies.
  • It is our policy to reduce waste. We are continuously investigating for the best methods of waste reduction.
  • It is our stated goal to follow our zero discharge policy through recycling.